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Otok Brač 1-12 osoba 2 Sati ID: BR-TR-220

Cijene od: 39.00 € / osoba

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This tour is inspired by the Way of the Cross and the pilgrimage that has a long tradition in Dol. It is not easy, but it is still a great choice for all travellers, families especially, due to it being the least tiresome of our hikes.

As we embark from Dol, we join the route that has been paved in for centuries during the procession in the morning of Good Friday. From Dol, the road leads up to the church of St. Michael that oversees the village from the high central hill. This early Christian basilica dates back all the way to the 11th century.

The procession continues to Velo Brdo, the devastated small church of Holy Vid, and descends into the village. Upon arriving on the viewpoint Kučac, we stop to rest and admire the unforgettable view of Dol and Postira, and then we return to Dol.

This activity ends with a tour of Dol presented to you by a person born and raised in this village, which makes this experience truly authentic. After learning about the small, but charming Dol, we all sit down for a light dinner in the Kaštil Gospodnetić tavern.

We strongly recommend wearing quality sports or mountain shoes, sportswear and a lot of water. The route is 5.5 km long, and it lasts for about 2 hours.

Meal included in tavern Kaštil Gospodnetić and transfer are included.

Trip information:

Duration of the tour: 2 hours

Distance: 5,5 km

Previous experience: Not necessary

Equipment: Hiking sticks

Fitness Level: A low of fitness is required.

Age: Minimum age is 6 years.

What to Bring: Quality sports or mountain shoes, sportswear and a lot of water.

Special Conditions: The operator has the right to cancel tours, without notice at their discretion depending on the weather conditions. All safety instructions from Brač Adventure staff must be adhered to.

Departure time: 18:00 h

Activity price: 39 € per person

The price includes: Equipment, transfer, meal, insurance and English speaking guide assistance.

Payment: Cash or bank transfers.

Meeting point in Postirta. Meeting point is beside the hotel Lipa next to the ramp in front of the bbq restaurant Ema.